Eternal Friend


Eternal Friend

Master of all tales

There is no story

Where you are not the protagonist


Without you there will be no shelter

no music, no peace, no war

There would be no shade under the crown

no nests in the beards of the wise


Eternal Friend

Primordial column of mankind

Giving is your banner

Patience if your shield

Peace is your armor

And Love is your sword.


No axe shall destroy you

Because without you

There would no hand to wield it

Oh Eternal Friend!

Master of all Tales…

Carlos Ocando



The Earth under my feet is moving

Everything I believed in the past is dying

My love for nature…

Shaping what I used to be.


My heart is roaring with anger

Like a thunder that awakens the earth

The past is gone

For you my friend this must be done.


No more harm

No more gain

No more pain

It’s now your turn!

to roam free…

in every land, in every sea.


Beauty and peace will win

Their rightful place in the Ring

Because this is no longer a Chain

But a beautiful ring of life and death.


What is, now was

What was, now is

If you don’t understand what this is

on the other side of the fence you will see.

Carlos Ocando

The Calling


Light calling my name

From the land of none and all

Silence, Bliss, Epiphany!

Three times my name I see,

Revelation to my soul.


The Piper leads the wind

Melodious breeze filling my lungs

Ancient love conceived from wrong

The sinuous river that plays the song


Life and death colliding in grace

Taking me into the deep

I see with no eyes, I hear with no ears

In the wholeness of the hollow

Everything I can feel


Darkness turns to light

from the marrow I emerge

Peace, Wisdom, Love!

Three times my name I see,

Inspiration beyond my soul.

Carlos Ocando

Eternal Friends


The tree, humanity’s eternal friend. Since the dawn of humanity the tree has been the primordial column in the development of mankind. Offering us oxygen, refugee and wood. For centuries we have exploded this masters of light, peace and patience. This compassionate creatures that can live for thousands of years, but can be destroyed in just a few seconds.


Not many people take the time to feel the presence of this majestic beings. Because of this, a few years ago I decided to present a window from which the tree is presented and shown as the beautiful being it is. To dedicate all my photographic work to raise awareness of the pristine beauty that is present in our natural world, and the importance of preserving it for us and future generations.


Every leaf has an identity, an specific shape for a very specific purpose. The texture of the tree bark is a riddle, an infinite labyrinth of mountains and valleys. When you get really close looks from another planet. The tree crown, a huge web of branches and leaves that dances to the wind’s rhythm, rain and autumn. The body of all this experience is the tree.

    _DSC2726  Projecto Arbol 21

_DSC4652I believe there is a way to a new awareness towards nature, a new way to see the natural world. An unique opportunity to elevate our awareness to a higher level and understand the relevance this eternal friends has in the cycle of life.


If you would like to explore more the world of the tree and my work please follow me on Instagram @amigo_photo or visit my website.

Thank you!

Carlos Ocando

My Muse


By looking other people artworks I’ve always found inspiration. It could be a song, a poem, a book or even a movie. There are many sources to find inspiration. Since the beginning of my artistic journey my wife has been my biggest source of inspiration, my muse!.


Bindu Tesoro. © Graciela Socorro.

I love her, and she has a way of pushing me to go beyond my boundaries, and explore the world in a new and exciting way. Every time that I have found myself in a creative rut she will take me out and lifted me over my last stage in my artistic expression.


“Bindu Mar II”. © Graciela Socorro.

So I decided to dedicate this post to her, to my lover, my friend, my muse. Her name is Graciela Socorro, and she creates amazing artwork with colors and dots called Bindu. An amazing way of exploring the world of shape and color, here I’m showing some of her artworks photographed by me. If you enjoy her artwork please follow her on Instagram @gracielasocorro and visit her website where you can checkout more of her work.


“Bindu City”. © Graciela Socorro

Thank you!


Honor Thyself

SoA - 10aHonor Thyself.

In our present society freedom is considered dangerous and is criticized. I’m not referring to democraZy or tyranny. I’m talking about personal freedom, a concept that many people don’t know it exists or don’t want to deal with it.

Citizens seem contented with their lives. Most of the people in our industrialized world gets up at 7, go to work, go back home at 5, watch TV, and go to sleep. They give up their right to think for themselves. All they want is someone who tells them what to eat, what to wear, what to think, what to kill (including men and women), what is beautiful, paper bag or plastic bag? Where is GOD? Is there a GOD? What does he/she look like? What does GOD wants me to do?, PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO LIVE!!!.

The enormous need that we have to give up our power and responsibility is what opens the door to all the distorted systems and people that are shaping our world right now. Now is the moment for all the people of this beautiful world to open their eyes and take responsibility for everything that is going on right now in the world. We are co-creators of wars, crimes, genocides, abuse, purity, beauty, art, music, culture, peace, love and compassion. Ask all the important questions to yourself, what do you think is important? What’s beautiful to you? Where is your bliss?.

Don’t pay attention to the naysayers. Let them call you crazy, stupid, liberal!. We can build a new world based on our enormous body of beliefs, opinions, and ways of living, and from this delicious and crazy pot, a new freeman will be born. This isn’t about anarchy. This is about remembering and honoring who you really are.

I won an Award!

Im happy this week because I won an award, and not just any award, I won an Honorable Mention in one of the Prix de la Photographie Paris Contests, the theme was Blue and I explored some feelings I felt a few months before.

The name of the portfolio is “A World Without Sun” and explores the idea that if humanity continues polluting and damaging our world someday we may live a world without sun, in a physical and emotional level. Here are the four photos that I presented.

01-2 02 03-2 04-2

The funny part of the whole history is that the winner were announced in April and I never received an email letting me know, by that time I was moving and was so busy that I didn’t had the time to check the website. I knew I won a few days ago after Googling my name in a boring moment, isn’t that crazy?. I’m so grateful to get this award and the chance to show my art to the world.